We solve tax problems.


End IRS 

Collection Actions

The IRS will take actions to collect on a debt.  These actions are devastating to someone when they are taken against them.  We will stop these actions if they are currently in place and prevent future ones as well.


Tax Settlements

We work with clients to help them negotiate a tax settlement for their tax debt. There are a number of different agreements to choose from based on the client's situation.

Tax Audit


Whether a client is currently being audited or does not agree with a finished audit and wants to appeal the outcome, we can help.  We will speak with the auditor or if necessary we will reopen the case. 

Delinquent Tax Return Filing

If you haven't filed your tax returns in a few years, chances are the IRS will file the taxes for you.  That could cause a much larger tax debt owed than there should be.  We can prepare prior year tax returns and get you in compliance.

Tax Relief


Not only is it important to get tax relief as soon as possible, but it is paramount to maintain certain criteria that allows any tax relief you acquired to continue. We work with clients to make certain all criteria are met in the future.

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