About Us

Our company was founded in 2012 and is located in Houston, Texas.  Our goal was to fill a void that other tax resolution firms in the industry could not. Simply put, our existence is to offer superior professional expertise while providing unrivaled client services to every single client.

We're a tax resolution firm that can successfully resolve your tax problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide honest, fast, and effective tax relief services to those needing help with their tax problem.  We never take on a tax problem if we cannot solve it.


Who We Are

Founded with our clients in mind, we combine first class expertise with superior personal attention to our clients.

Our unique approach provides us with success rates no other tax resolution firm possesses.

We are a full service tax resolution firm offering a wide array of tax relief services that solve tax problems.

What We Stand For

As a leader in the tax resolution industry, we have a responsibility to make aware the seriousness of tax problems and the solutions available that can resolve them.

Our commitment to this mindset organically creates and actively nurtures a thorough and transparent process from start to finish of every client engagement.

Our Clients

Many people with a current tax problem contact us after the IRS collection process on a tax debt has begun.

Tax problems can range from the self-employed to employees of the Fortune 500. Businesses have payroll tax problems that often get assigned Revenue Officers and need IRS representation. Even CPAs and attorneys incur tax problems more than you might realize.


Back Tax Resolution, Inc.

7500 San Felipe Street, Suite 777, Houston, TX 77063

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