Whether you owe $10,000 or $10,000,000 in back taxes we can solve your problem.


Who We Are

With over 10 Years of Helping Clients, We Have the Knowledge and Expertise to Provide Professional, Accurate, High Quality Tax Relief Services. 


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What We Do

We Help Our Clients By Negotiating Tax Settlements, Stopping IRS Collection Actions, Audit Representation, Tax Preparation and More. 


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Negotiate IRS Tax Debt Owed

We can assist in negotiating a tax settlement of your tax debt thereby having you pay the IRS less than the owed amount.

Stop IRS

Collection Actions

We can stop IRS tax debt collection actions that include a levy on your bank account, a wage garnishment, or even a tax lien.

Tax Audit


If you are currently being audited by the IRS or looking to appeal a recently closed tax audit, we can guide you through the process.

What is Tax Resolution?

Tax resolution is tax relief from the IRS collection processes of back taxes.  Tax relief is achieved in several ways. Choosing the right tax relief program depends on the taxpayer's circumstances.  It may involve negotiating tax settlements by setting up types of programs, like the well-known Offer in Compromise, whereby a qualifying taxpayer may end up paying less taxes than they owe.  Tax relief may also be achieved by ending IRS collections from a levy, wage garnishment, seizure, summons or tax lien on your property.   Additionally, tax resolution can be classified when dealing with an IRS audit as well.  You will be represented in the audit or the audit appeal looking to reduce the final audit findings or appeal the tax debt determined from a finalized audit report.  With exception to audits, taxpayers will most likely require assistance with unfiled or delinquent tax return preparation in conjunction to a tax settlement.


We Can Provide Tax Relief

Our firm, Back Tax Resolution, understands the importance of how a tax problem can evolve and destroy those who have a tax problem or a tax debt, as well as their families.  We move quickly to minimize the effects your tax problem can have on you and your loved ones.

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