Tax Resolution Services We Provide

At Back Tax Resolution, Inc., we take care to provide our clients high quality tax relief service that’s personalized for their unique needs and tax situation. Additionally, we strive to ensure that your tax problem is resolved as quickly and painless as possible. The following is an overview of our tax relief services. To get the right understanding what we can and cannot do call us for a free consultation.

Common Tax Problems We Solve For Clients

End IRS Collection Actions That Include:

Wage Garnishment

The IRS can issue a wage garnishment in an attempt to collect on a tax debt that is owed. Some cases require more obstacles than others but a wage garnishment can be released in the same day sometimes allowing for immediate tax relief.

IRS Bank Levy

A bank levy allows the IRS to take all the money in a bank account at a specific point in time. It may be released on the same day as well but of course depends on the situation.

Tax Debt Settlement Agreements That Include:

The primary solution to back taxes or a current tax debt is through a settlement reached between the IRS and the taxpayer. There are three types of tax relief settlements available depending on the taxpayer’s financial situation.

Offer in Compromise

In short, the offer in compromise program allows a taxpayer to pay less tax than what is owed to the IRS. This program is essentially the ideal tax relief solution for all taxpayers but only a few qualify. The IRS rejects over 80% of offers but our acceptance rate by the IRS is 100%. The reason is we never tell clients we can do an offer for them unless we know we will qualify.

Installment Agreement

This agreement allows taxpayers to pay the tax debt they owe in monthly payments. The taxpayer owes the entire tax debt but keeps the IRS from taking collection actions against them by paying monthly. A tax professional can still provide value by proposing the lowest monthly payment the IRS will accept. It’s often that we get new clients who work with us just so we can lower their monthly payment by hundreds of dollars. In some cases, we have reduced monthly payments by thousands of dollars.

Currently Non Collectible

This tax relief settlement is the least one that our firm uses. It allows the IRS to cease collections and to temporary suspend a taxpayer’s account and tax debt. Although we have put clients on this agreement we believe this only delays the inevitable in most cases. Of course if we determine this solution to be the best tax relief option we will pursue this agreement.

Payroll Tax Debt Negotiation

​Even though there are only 3 solutions to tax debt we should mention payroll tax debt negotiations here. Ultimately, this debt will fall under the 3 other tax relief solutions but getting to that point requires overcoming obstacles. Usually when a tax debt is due to payroll tax not paid by a business the IRS will escalate the problem to where they assign a Revenue Officer to the case. These officers will want all of the business financials and they will dissect the records and produce a plan to pay the payroll tax debt. We offer this service so that taxpayers have their own experts on their side. Once we begin there will be no more visits and all communication from the Revenue Officer must go through us. We will take it from A to Z and ensure our clients are treated fairly throughout the process.

IRS Audit Representation

We provide two services for IRS audits. One is representation while an audit is being conducted and the other is for appealing audit results when a taxpayer disagrees with audit conclusions. Whichever audit services a client may need, we will only work audits that we believe our work results in greater savings than our charges for tax relief.

Audit Representation During An Audit

For audit representation, we represent individuals and businesses currently being audited via mail or in person. We begin by identifying what the purpose of the audit is and then generate evidence and substantiation needed to support our client’s position. When an audit is in person we will inform the auditor to communicate with us and typically prevent an interview with our client.

Audit Representation To Appeal Audit Findings

Many times we get new clients who decide on representation after an audit has been completed. This usually is because the client disagrees with the results. We will begin by going through proper procedures to open the audit for appeals. Sometimes this is done through the Appeals Office and sometimes through the court system. Once achieved, the audit is essentially opened as if it is being audited for the first time. We will determine how IRS made the conclusions it did and also prepare to defend our client’s original numbers.