About Our Tax Resolution Firm

"Providing Tax Relief to Tax Problems"

That's what we're about in simplest form. It's what we strive to do. We want to lead those with tax problems down a path that ends with tax resolution. We recognize the importance of a tax problem and have seen how devastating it can be on those who have them and their families.

Our goal is to offer tax relief to tax problems and effectively manage their cases to minimize its effect on the lives of taxpayers.

Who We Are

Back Tax Resolution was designed with our clients in mind from the beginning. We have combined the expertise found in nationwide tax resolution firms with the personal attention received from local tax firms. This mesh produces the unique qualities no other tax resolution firm possesses. We are privately owned and are located in Houston, TX. We are a full service tax resolution firm offering a wide array of services needed to solve tax problems.

What We Stand For

We believe a tax resolution firm has a responsibility to make taxpayers aware of the serious nature of tax problems and the solutions available to them. This responsibility is not just to the clients but to all taxpayers.

Our commitment to this core belief created our working environment and a system that promotes collaboration on every client case. This provides multiple tax professional’s input and experiences on every client’s case and ensures successful outcomes.

"Dedicated to Solving Tax Problems"

From the beginning we have one mission in this business. Our mission is to solve tax problems for anyone needing tax relief. No matter where. No matter who.

Who Our Clients Are

The majority of our clients have a current tax problem and contact us when the IRS has begun collection actions or a notice of a tax debt has been received.

Our clients range from self-employed individuals to employees of Fortune 500 companies. We also have clients that are business entities who have payroll tax problems and have a Revenue Officer on their case.

Even CPA’s and attorneys are clients as well. Yes, they use tax resolution firms also.